Being on set is probably one of my favourite jobs as a makeup artist & hairstylist. There’s a lot of research and keeping up to date with anything current when working on a tv show, music videos, commercials, live events, tutorials etc. Everyone’s job on set is vital and important.
Time management is something learned and developed too when on set, having the talent ready and on time and on set when needed is vital to the production not running behind and costing the team dollars. Team work is my favourite part of this job, getting the job done, sufficiently and excellent and with much art, talent, creativity and hard work is team work at its best!


Keyed hair and makeup for Troye Sivan

Alixander III – Shady Ladies – Extended Version Music Video


Telus and Francesco Yates for MTV

Promo commercial with Much creator Mila Victoria


Behind the scenes promo commercial with Much creator Mila Victoria

Ryland Clark – So Hepburn – Key Makeup by Mila Victoria


Jory Zechner – Up To Us – Key Makeup by Mila Victoria

MMVA15 Abernathy Launch Spot


Dan James – Digital Creators

Michael Rizzi – Digital Creators


Tasha Leelyn – Digital Creators

VOTE SPOT Commercial


Melissa Merk | #MADEtoMAKE

4YallEntertainment | #MADEtoMAKE


JusReign | #MADEtoMAKE